English for Science Leaders I

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HL207 English for Science Leaders I
과목번호 HL207
학점/이론시수/실습시수 1/2/0
교과구분 공통필수
대분류 DGIST특성화
소분류 어학
최초개설연도 2014
교수자 Jeong-Ah Lee, Anna Rose Hull, Philip Johnson, Or Aaron Cumberledge
개설학년 2
개설학기 1
교재 Jeong-Ah Lee & Ryan Ridings (2014). English for Science Leaders I: The World and Science




English language is a tool for thought and communication. With this in mind, the English for Science Leaders I course has been designed to provide meaningful and purposeful interactions where ideas and opinions are developed and expressed by actually using the target language. Through English, students will become adept critical thinkers and persuasive communicators and the English language will be the channel through which students cultivate and share their thoughts on topics directly relevant to young science leaders. Main activities, based on collaborative learning and the integrated approach to language skills, include reading, pair/group discussions, (in)formal presentations/debates, group essay writing, quizzes, and peer review. Students are expected to use English only.



You will not receive a letter grade for this course. Instead you will be awarded either satisfactory, for having met the requirements of the course, or unsatisfactory, for failing to do so. You will get scores for your attendance, participation, quizzes, tests, and other assignments as described in the following. These will be scored on a 0-100 point scale. At the end of the semester, you will need to have an overall score of 80 or above to pass the class.

Attendance (10%) TA Tutorial and Class Participation (10%) Ongoing Semester Assignments (30%) Midterm Project - Group Essay Writing (20%) Final Project - Group Debate (30%)