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본 연구는 DGIST 캠퍼스내에서 자유롭게 돌아다니면서 안전/순찰 역할을 할 수 있는 4족 보행 로봇을 만드는 것을 목표로 한다.  +
Our research team present new senescence model, PDIS(Protein Damage Induced Senescence) model. To get experimental data to prove PDIS model, we treated several PDI(protein damage inducer) to IMR90 in three each different concentration. PD(population doubling) was checked from each of the sample. After 8 weeks from first PDI treatment, we got complete data from each concentration. Data from second high and lowest concentration show less distinction compared to data from highest-concentration treated sample. AAA considered to be most powerful inducer of senescence in designated concentration followed by As(Sodium Arsenite) and Cy(Sodium Cyanate). Percentage of senescent cell from PDI treated sample and control sample showed clear distinction which prove PDI do induce cellular senescence. We request RNA sequence analysis of control and AAA treated sample at around PD value is 45. Through this, DEG analysis between control and AAA treated cell and comparison with other senescence model cell are in progress.  +
The grip strength of an infant is one of the parameters that can indirectly check the development of the psychomotor development system. For newborn babies, communication is impossible and grip force is small, making it impossible to induce by measuring only the vertical force of the existing grip system. A chamber was used to receive pressure applied to measure a force independent of the direction by a single device, and membrane was used to convert the pressure of fluid changing with the movement of the chamber into a vertical. These subtle changes in the position of membrane were quantified by measurements using sensitive magnetic sensors. The chamber we have conceived can detect external pressure changes within the range of 0 to 8 kpa, and the membrane shows a distance change of 0 to 2 mm depending on the external pressure changes. If there is a change in the station of the membrane, the magnet attached to the membrane eventually moves together to change the magnetic field, and the magnetic sensor can confirm the change in the magnetic field by measuring the -1 mV to 1 mV voltage difference. This allows the calculation of the degree of external pressure change. The device we suggest is easy to measure the grip of newborn babies in both sensitivity and size. In addition, accumulation of data through long-term measurements can contribute to further study of the correlation between other diseases and grip forces by establishing a table for the existing normal range of infant grip forces.  +
The purpose of this study is to identify the molecular mechanism of skin wound regeneration through native freshwater fish. In the first experiment, seven species of native fish selected based on habitat were introduced to wound and two species of fish (Pelteobagrus fulvidraco, Aphytopris chinensis) with excellent wound recovery ability were selected. In the second experiment, we compared the rate of wound recovery between group A raised in APW and group B exposed to Rifampicin to see if the rate of wound recovery varies when antibiotics affect the composition and distribution of fish epidermis bacteria. At this time, the above two experiments used a measurement method called wound closure kinetics and pigment percent area. As a result, there were significant differences in both measurement methods in Pelteobagrus fulvidraco. However, significant differences were observed only in wound closure kinetics in the case of Aphytopris chinensis. This allows us to predict that the bacteria affected the wound recovery process in Pelteobagrus fulvidraco. However, it is not clear whether there has been a change in the epidermis bacteria. Therefore, metagenomics analysis is under way to confirm if the composition of the bacteria has actually changed. Therefore, in this study, we studied fish species with excellent wound healing ability whether these wounds came from genomes of each species or from bacteria that co-exist in the skin.  +
Video games have become a significant cultural medium that could not be ignored in modern times. Developing a game needs knowledge from various fields. Developing internal logics and physics engine requires scientific, engineering knowledge and programming skills; drawing character sprites, animations and items requires artistic sense, Mixing sound or composing music for the game requires musical sense. In this UGRP, extending DGIST’s transdisciplinary studies, we tried to develop a number of games interlinked in same story worlds, named Multi-Genre-Game(MGG), and give users an experience that only games can give by using a new form.  +
We often feel cute about cats. But we did not generally think about why you feel that way. Moreover, I have a cat in my house and it is especially cute. Through this poster, I would like to check why we often feel cute about animals and match this process with my cat. I think this poster will be a good source of information that connects cuteness with the cat, especially my cat. But the conclusion is one. The poster will come down to the conclusion that my cat, “BbangDdeuk” is cute. (In English, it would be “bread cake”)  +
As a part of brain research and treatment of degenerative brain diseases, studies to differentiate human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) into brain cells are being actively conducted. However, because the required cost is enormous, commercialization is still impossible. Therefore, the goal is to make the cost cheaper by finding substitutes for growth factors necessary for differentiation. We studied the possibility of cholesterol as a substitute for sonic hedgehog (Shh) required to differentiate into dopaminergic neurons that can be used for the treatment of Parkinson's disease. Six groups containing different concentration of Shh and cholesterol were used to differentiate iPSCs by the 11th day. And each group was compared by performing immunocytochemistry, filipin III staining, and qPCR. As a result, it was difficult for cholesterol to completely replace Shh, but it was possible to supplement it. In addition, from the experimental results, we confirmed the interesting fact that cholesterol increases during the process of differentiation with Shh condition, which is not well known yet. Therefore, differentiation can be promoted or inhibited by cholesterol control.  +
This research team planned a three-year (3rd stage) study with the goal of developing and operating autonomous shuttles on and off campus. 2020 is the first stage of development, with the goal of implementing an autonomous shuttle service on campus. We have conducted a study with autonomous vehicle platform (ERP-42) and electric vehicle (Hyundai Ioniq). We modified hardware of the two platforms to suit autonomous driving (wiring, sensor design, etc.), and we made a program to simplify communication command and message between the vehicle and the sensor. We performed lane-tracking and changing lane by recognizing lanes with camera. Static/dynamic obstacles are recognized by camera and LiDAR. Also we could conduct obstacle avoidance driving. In addition, accurate global-path tracking was performed with GPS and HD Map, and the accuracy of localization is improved by adding SLAM.  +
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