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Jeong-Ah Lee (2014). Communication Skills: Using English as an International Language  +
Jeong-Ah Lee & Ryan Ridings (2014). English for Science Leaders I: The World and Science  +
Jeong-Ah Lee & Ryan Ridings (2015). English for Science Leaders II: Academic Reading and Writing  +
Jeong-Ah Lee & Tremaine Tucker (2016) Scientific Writing: Learning to Write Like a Scientist  +
Kuby immunology(주교재1), Brock biology of microorganisms(주교재2)  +
Lectures on Kinetic Processes in Material, 2020 by Han-Ill Yoo  +
민법총칙  +
정병혁,김성균,남창훈; 기초화학실험 I; DGIST PRESS  +
모든 비즈니스는 브랜딩이다 / 포어사이트 크리에이터  +
포어사이트 크리에이터, 모든 비즈니스는 브랜딩이다  +
강의 컨텐츠  +
남창훈,김성균,정병혁; 물질의 이해(e-BOOK); DGIST PRESS  +
생명과학 실험 I  +
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by David Griffith  +
Introduction to Electrodynamics  +
전자회로와 계측법 eBook  +
Introduction to Modern Optics  +