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|전공분야=VLSI, ML Accelerator, Low-Power Circuit Design
|전공분야=VLSI, ML Accelerator, Low-Power Circuit Design
|DGIST Email ID=jhkung@dgist.ac.kr
|DGIST Email ID=jhkung

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소속 대학원
부서 정보통신융합전공
전공분야 VLSI, ML Accelerator, Low-Power Circuit Design
DGIST Email ID jhkung
홈페이지 https://idslab.dgist.ac.kr/




  • High-performance system design for training deep neural networks
  • Lightweight machine learning algorithms for energy-efficient inference engines
  • Automated search of lightweight deep learning algorithms
  • Energy-efficient hardware accelerator for scientific computing
  • Understanding biological neurons by improving the performance of spike-based neural nets
  • Brain signal processing using embedded hardware for the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease
  • Power-aware/thermal-aware system design methodology